None currently


2016-12-30 @ The Media Club (Vancouver, BC) w/ Criminal Slipper, Villain Villain, The Stolen Faces, Broken Sleep

2016-11-26 @ Carport Manor (Abbotsford, BC) w/ Villain Villain, Heavy Lies the Crown, Lou Danger and the Thrills

2016-11-25 @ Milkcrate Records (Kelowna, BC)

2016-11-10 @ LanaLou’s (Vancouver, BC) w/ Indications, Amy Shroomer

2016-06-23 @ LanaLou’s (Vancouver, BC) w/ Dirty Spells, Mascaras (USA), Ali Muhareb (USA)

2015-12-09 @ The Astoria (Ultimate Extreme Music Challenge #3) (Vancouver, BC) w/ Tantrumist, Curmudgeons, Senpai Suicide Club, Scrambled Ego

2015-04-29 @ 333 (Vancouver, BC) w/ Crown Larks (USA), Colin Cowan & The Elastic Stars, Zoomafloome

2014-11-15 @ Railway Club (Vancouver, BC) w/ Killing Floor Blues Band

2013-09-14 @ Railway Club (Vancouver, BC) w/ Spruce Trap, Clear Black (USA)

2013-07-23 @ Chateau Ouest (Vancouver, BC) w/  Set and Setting (USA), Spruce Trap

2013-05-29 @ Railway Club (Vancouver, BC)

2012-12-12 @ Railway Club (Vancouver, BC) w/  Big Evil, The Harmonic Cosmonauts

2012-08-22 @ Railway Club (Vancouver, BC)

2012-06-23 @ Funky Winker Beans (Vancouver, BC) w/ Muffdusters, Magnificent Basterds, The Reaction (Chile)

2012-05-23 @ Railway Club (Vancouver, BC)

2012-01-27 @ Zoo Zhop (Vancouver, BC) w/ Hermetic, Crystal Swells, Mustaphamond

2011-12-10 @ Zoo Zhop (Vancouver, BC) w/ Big Evil

2011-09-13 @ Nyala Restaurant (Audio Hallucinations #25) (Vancouver, BC) w/ Not Yet Yeti, Root and Branch

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